Chuck Paris Productions, LLC primary concentration is creating dramatic original screenplays and short or feature films that address crime, violence and terrorism. Chuck's background in military and civilian law enforcement, and specialized Interdisciplinary degrees; BA degree in "Multimedia Approaches to Violence Prevention," MA degree in Leadership, Terrorism & Homeland Defense, and crisis training provides insight and source material. Chuck's MA thesis, "The Terrorism Papers" became the research for his feature length screenplay, Terror Networks.

Chuck Paris Productions provides:

Producing & Directing Services

Original crime scenario scripts and technical advising for actor demo reels.

Specifically designed crime and terrorism training scenarios for law enforcement.

Actor training for use in law enforcement training scenarios and TV/Film.

Police procedure technical advising for filmmakers and actors interested in realistic portrayals.

Scriptwriting and Consulting – general or crime and violence prevention related.

Crisis Leadership and Media Coaching for professionals, executives, elected officials, community leaders.

Coaching for military and Public Safety veterans who are interested in working in the film industry.

Chuck Paris is a Producer, Director, Screenwriter, and Actor. He can be booked for TV/Film roles.