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COLORBLIND (2000)(dramatic live-action) short film to address conflicts between police and minorities. Intended to create opportunities for dialogue and reduce community conflicts. Film screened in Los Angeles for Academy Awards qualification and was submitted in the live action short film category.

SIX and ELEVEN (2000) (dramatic live-action) short film to address school and community shootings. (Six and Eleven focuses on television new team coverage of shootings. (Six and Eleven referred to the times that TV news usually aired. Now coverage is on a continuous 24 hour Breaking News cycle).


TERROR NETWORKS (2009) (feature, crime/drama/terrorism) Two Washington, DC police officers (Iraq war veterans) battle crime, violence and terrorism in the nation's capital. Screenplay is based on research for Chuck Paris' Graduate Studies thesis in Terrorism and Homeland Security The Terrorism Papers


Created series of 10 Violence Prevention PSA's for Bachelors degree, "Multimedia Approaches to Violence Prevention," issued by American University, Washington, D.C.